A simple, effective online solution to full GDPR compliance

An easy-to-use system that will take you through to full GDPR compliance, across every aspect of your business.

Data Guardsman – GDPR for any business, without external consultants

A modular approach

There are 24 modules, covering all aspects of how you collect, store and manage data.

All the policies and procedures you need

Thousands of pounds worth of legal documents at your fingertips, included at no extra cost.

Bespoke policy builder

Generate bespoke documents, such as your website privacy policy, with ease online.

Answer straightforward business questions

You don’t need any legal knowledge or external consultants, just common business sense.

Insurance backed guarantee

Data Guardsman has a £250,000 insurance backed guarantee against ICO fines.

Compliance accreditation

Stand out from your competition with a GDPR Compliance Accreditation.

Data Guardsman – everything you need for GDPR compliance

No legal knowledge required

The simple 4 step process for using Data Guardsman


Select a module and answer the simple yes/ no business questions


Print off the list of tasks that you need to do to complete the section


Implement the tasks that will make you compliant for that module


Print off the policy documents and tell your staff what they need to do

£250k backed insurance guarantee

GDPR Compliant Accreditation

Avoid claims and fines

Claims companies are actively advertising for people to make GDPR claims against all types of businesses.

Ensure business security

The Information Commissioners Office can impose massive fines regardless of the size of your business.

Look after customers and suppliers

You must ensure the security of personal data of the employees of all your customers and suppliers.

What are the risks of trading without being fully GDPR compliant

Disruption to your business.
Potential cost.
Loss of customers
Loss of business.
Exposure to prosecution.

How to use Data Guardsman

Step-by-step approach

Go through all the modules one by one for full compliance to get your accreditation and insurance backed guarantee.

Focus on areas of highest risk

Some areas of your business will leave you most exposed to being sued or fined. You can concentrate on these first.

Check your GDPR Compliance

Many companies that have gone through the process of becoming GDPR compliant use Data Guardsman to check they have not missed anything.