Help your clients future-proof their business.

The simple online solution to help protect your clients against GDPR claims.

GDPR is a huge threat to all businesses

Companies of all sizes are being fined and sued as a result of GDPR breaches, and claims companies are now actively advertising for people to make claims.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Every business must understand how GDPR affects their organisation.

Businesses must ensure they are compliant to legitimise their operations, and secure their future.

What is GDPR?

Most businesses process personal data, there are very few exceptions. As a business processing personal data, adherence to GDPR is crucial.

There is a misconception that only larger businesses are required to adhere to GDPR, but any business, no matter the size must be GDPR compliant, or risk huge fines, prosecution and disruption.

GDPR claims have been hailed as the new PPI.

The Solution

The simple, effective online solution to GDPR.

Once you understand GDPR, and how it affects your business, there is a very simple process to become compliant.

Data Guardsman is a simple, effective online solution to GDPR compliance. An easy-to-use system that will take you through to GDPR compliance, across every aspect of your business.

You don’t need any legal knowledge or external consultants, just common business sense.

What's Included?

Data Guardsman will give you everything you need to become GDPR compliant:

  • Policies
  • Processes and procedures
  • Guidance
  • Instructions for your staff

Resources and templates etc.

What Are The Benefits?

£1,000s worth of legal documents included at no extra cost.

Whatever the size of your business - from sole trader to national organisation, answer straightforward business at your own pace.

Once you have applied the Data Guardsman system to your business, you will be fully GDPR compliant.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

Insurance-backed guarantee for up to £250,000.

Upon completion of all modules within Data Guardsman, your organisation is covered by insurance for up to £250,000 in the unlikely event that you are fined by the ICO for breach of the GDPR rules.

You will also be awarded the Data Guardsman compliance accreditation, which signals to your customers and potential employees that you take your responsibilities towards data seriously.

Benefits to your clients

Add value to your service and protect your client’s businesses.

Your clients get a discount and you get a referrer’s fee.

Free Services

We offer a number of free services to your clients:

  • GDPR Vulnerability Assessment
  • A 32-page guide to GDPR compliance – hard copy or download
  • Webinars to help people understand GDPR

Your own branded microsite that helps your clients understand GDPR.

Benefits to your practice

We have worked very closely with a number of accountants to ensure that the product is promoted ethically and adds real value for your clients.

Benefits To You

  • Differentiate your practice
  • Help your clients protect and future-proof their businesses
  • Provide a service that doesn’t use your man hours and brings extra revenue

Help your clients be more competitive.

Marketing Resources

You will get all the information you need to promote the solution and help your clients.

We give you everything you need to explain and promote the solution to your clients, including:

  • You own GDPR webpage that can be branded to your practice
  • Email templates to send out to your clients

A unique discount code to be used on the Data Guardsman site


Your clients will receive a 20% discount if purchasing the software through your practice using your unique discount code.

Financial Benefits

There are also a number of financial benefits for the practice:

  • £240 per customer that signs up - The normal selling price for the software is £1,200 - You can either keep this 20% commission for yourself, or donate it to charity if you prefer.
  • Track your commission - We have an affiliate programme that ensures all activity is tracked.

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