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There is a lot of misinformation around GDPR and many people think it is no longer relevant. GDPR poses a threat to all businesses in the UK.


The General Data Protection Regulation was set up to protect people’s privacy and govern how companies are using their personal data.

The GDPR was brought into effect in 2018. It relates to personal data, and how it is:

  • Collected
  • Stored
  • Used
  • Shared
  • Disposed of

What is covered?

Personal data is any information that can identify a person;

  • Names
  • Emails
  • telephone numbers
  • CCTV etc

You should consider all the ways that you obtain personal data. Some of them may not be immediately obvious.

Why should I care?

If you are not GDPR compliant, you can be sued or fined.

Claims will lead to disruption to your business, loss of income, and time spent fighting legal claims. Not to mention the cost of legal fees. Claims Management Companies are starting to advertise heavily. GDPR claims are already a multimillion-pound industry.

Who does it affect?

GDPR affects every business and organisation within the UK.

It does not matter whether you are a sole trader with a few customers contact details saved on your phone, or a multinational dealing with 1,000’s of people - all organisations are holding personal data.

Whatever sector you’re in, and whether you’re consumer-facing or working B2B, you must be GDPR compliant, or risk massive disruption to your business.

To understand more about GDPR and how GDPR can affect your business, download your free guide today.

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