Full 100% GDPR Compliance. Now within reach.

You cannot afford to ignore GDPR - it is not going away. Your business is at risk if you do not understand GDPR.
However, with the right knowledge and processes in place, GDPR won’t be an issue.

What happens if I ignore it?

GDPR is one of the biggest threats to businesses in the UK.

Legal action and fines imposed as a result of GDPR have already forced some small businesses into liquidation.

Claims will lead to disruption to your business, loss of income, and time spent fighting legal claims. Not to mention the cost of legal fees. Claims Management Companies are starting to advertise heavily. GDPR claims are already a multimillion-pound industry.

What does GDPR cover?

The GDPR was brought into effect in 2018. It relates to personal data, and how it is:

  • Collected

  • Used

  • Stored & managed

  • Shared

  • Disposed of

GDPR applies to nearly every aspect of your business.

What do I need to be compliant?

To be compliant you need to ensure that you are following the ICO guidelines. To do this you need to look at how you use and manage data within your business:

  • Do you have the right policies in place?
  • Are your procedures and processes compliant?
  • Does your website have a bespoke, layered privacy policy?
  • Do you fully understand how GDPR affects your business?

The biggest problem for many businesspeople is not knowing what needs to be done. Once you have the knowledge, implementation is nowhere near as complex as you might think.

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