A free guide to help you understand:

• What GDPR is
• How GPDR affects your business
• The risks of not being compliant
• How to minimise the cost and disruption to your business on your way to compliance.

Most businesspeople don’t really understand the extent of what is covered by GDPR. It isn’t just about how you contact people but how you collect, use, store, share, and dispose of people’s information.

If you would like to understand how GDPR affects you and your organisation, get your free 32 page guide to becoming GDPR compliant.


About GDPR Solutions

Our experts have been helping businesses manage data privacy and protection for over 20 years, and maintaining online data privacy and protection software for over 7 years.

What Others Say About GDPR Solutions

"As Solicitors we are acutely aware that we are responsible for keeping data secure. We are so grateful to the guys at Data Guardsman for coming up with this scheme. It was easy for my office manager to set up and will ensure we remain complaint!"

"It is so easy to fit in Data Guardsman - it is very user friendly. You can leave a task and then go back to where you left off"

"I couldn’t believe Data Protection could be dealt with so easily and cheaply. By joining Data Guardsman I really feel I have done something to preserve the value of my companies."



Data Guardsman's insurance does not cover businesses outside the United Kingdom, Internet Service Providers or Telecoms providers, NHS or Local Authority or other government bodies or similar organisations.

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