Full 100% GDPR Compliance. Now within reach.

As a business, you cannot afford to ignore GDPR - it is not going away.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation was set up to protect people’s privacy and govern how companies are using their personal data.

  • Legislation - The GDPR was brought into effect in 2018. It relates to personal data, and how it is collected, stored, used, shared and disposed of.
  • What is covered? – all forms of personal data are covered.
  • Why should I care? - If you are not GDPR compliant, you can be sued or fined.
  • Who does it affect? - GDPR affects every business and organisation within the UK.

As a business, you cannot afford to ignore GDPR - it is not going away.

How does GDPR affect my business?

Whatever sector you’re in, and whether you’re consumer-facing or working B2B, you must be GDPR compliant, or risk massive disruption to your business.

  • What happens if I ignore it? – You could be fined, sued, and risk massive disruption to your business.
  • What does GDPR cover? – GDPR relates to all forms of personal data within your business.
  • What do I need to be compliant? - To be compliant you need to ensure that you are following the ICO guidelines.

Want to know more about how GDPR affects your business? Click here.

The Solution – Data Guardsman

A simple, effective solution to full GDPR compliance.

  • How does it work? – Easy to use modular approach. No specialist legal knowledge required​, no consultants needed​.
  • What is included? – policies, processes and procedures, guidance, templates, instructions for your staff. £1,000s worth of legal documents included at no extra cost.
  • £250,000 insurance backed guarantee – Complete all the modules and get covered for a quarter of a million pounds*
  • GDPR compliant accreditation – Display the accreditation on your website, show your customers you care about their data, and gain a competitive edge.

Become GDPR compliant, and get total peace of mind for just £1,200.

*once all modules have been applied, you will be covered for up to a quarter of a million pounds if fined by the ICO.

About GDPR Solutions

Our experts have been helping businesses manage data privacy and protection for over 20 years, and maintaining online data privacy and protection software for over 7 years.

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