Our Online Privacy - Website - Single Controller Policy

This is our Privacy Notice to you about how we use and share your personal data. We are the Data Controller and our legal name is GDPR Solutions Limited.

We collect your personal information here. Where you have been introduced to us by one of our resellers they will be giving us your data and you will know who they are. We store your data and use it to tell you of changes to our Privacy or other terms, to be lawful, to fulfil your order, provide it to the supplier of the chosen service, deal with our reseller and other related legitimate reasons.

By giving us your information, you agree to us contacting you using any of the information you supplied to provide you with information about our services. You may unsubscribe at any time. We share it for the above uses and to provide your online services and to enable third parties to provide the services chosen.

We will keep your personal data for 6 years after the end of the tax year in which you have a contract with us unless we then have any legal need for it then delete it.

If you do not accept these terms do not proceed. If you do, it means you accept it. You can get copies of what we have about you by asking us. You have other rights which we support.

For our Contact details and a full description of your rights and how to exercise them, see our larger Privacy Notice.