Bespoke, Layered Website Privacy Policy

Bespoke, Layered Website Privacy Policy

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People must be able to read and understand your privacy policy.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) state that at every point that you collect data on your website, you must have a privacy policy that is totally bespoke to your business.

What is a layered privacy policy?

GDPR requires a short notice with key points, but which also gives access to the full notice. A layered privacy policy allows people to see an easily digestible amount of information, whilst also allowing them to see more detailed information as required.

You must also have recorded proof that the person whose data you are collecting has read, and actively agreed to your privacy policy (e.g. by ticking a box). 

Through answering some simple yes/no questions about your business, our Privacy Policy process results in a compliant, bespoke, layered policy that can be used on your site as required*.

*Please note that this product is not a complete solution to compliance and includes a privacy policy only. In purchasing this product you are not covered by the Data Guardsman insurance, and will not receive a compliance certification.